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Houston Street Toy Company became a dream to a mother who felt like the magic of play had been lost amongst the competition of electronics and instant gratification of todays generation.  Being a business owner in the local area for 10 years, she knew there was something missing for families and children, to be able to not only shop, but also have an experience, each time they came to visit Sundance Square.  And so the dream came alive. To create a toy store that was special, where the nostalgia of ones childhood captured by adults and create an experience for a child to touch, feel, and play.  Houston Street Toy Company’s concept is a specialty toy store, so not focusing on lines or brands that one may find in the mass market, but showcase companies that manufacture toys specifically for the specialty toy market.  The neighborhood toy store.  Toys for all ages, from baby up to teens, but not only that, maybe an adult can find something, after all, we are never to old to play!  Toys, books, puzzles, games….crafts and science, anything that will spark the imagination of a child.  We will offer a calendar to our customers monthly of play days, story time, and a service to our customer that they won’t be able to find any where else.

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